The 94th Precinct Derby is on the schedule


In Dortmund the fans are waiting for the game of the year. Schalke 04 is coming to the big district derby at Signal Iduna Park. While Schalke is still fighting to keep his class, Dortmund wants to win the championship. The neighbour from Gelsenkirchen, of all people, could now put obstacles in the way of the BVB and give the Bavarians an advantage.

Schalke can no longer save an extremely unsatisfactory season from a tabular perspective. The squires still have to tremble to see if they will succeed in staying in the league. Despite the bad result, the Schalker fans can be sure that a win against Dortmund will make up for an actually weak season. The motivation on Schalke should be great. If you win against your rival, you could give the decisive impetus in the championship race. Dortmund is currently only one point behind FC Bayern. From a purely sporting point of view, BVB is going into the game as the clear favourite. Schalke’s interim coach Huub Stevens was accordingly cautious about the upcoming game. “The boys are taking small steps, some of them faster, others may still not understand it. I’m trying to make sure everyone knows what’s in demand on Saturday – and I hope that’s how it’s going to be. I don’t have any security, but I hope so”.

Hinspiel winner BVB

In December last year BVB celebrated an away win in Gelsenkirchen and won 2:1. Jadon Sancho had scored the decisive goal in the 74th minute. Prior to this success, BVB had been without a win against its rivals five times in a row. Unforgotten is the most recent derby, which took place in Dortmund. In November 2017 a true match of the century took place. BVB were leading 4-0 at half-time and everything seemed to be heading for a landslide victory. Even after the Schalker’s follow-up goal in the 61st minute, nobody believed in the turnaround. Four minutes later it was 2-4, and the final phase did indeed hold two more goals and BVB gambled away a game they had long believed to have won. The fans of Königsblau hope that the players will remember this crazy game and show a similar fighting mentality. On the Dortmund side they know about their own laws that derbies bring with them and expect a close game.