After the scandal in Freiburg: What punishment awaits Abraham?


It was THE excitement of the eleventh matchday: Frankfurt captain David Abraham loses his nerve and pushes Freiburg coach Christian Streich to the ground. Abraham’s drop-out could result in a penalty that has never been imposed before. How long will he be blocked?

The last minute of stoppage time was running, Freiburg led narrowly with 1:0. When the ball went into the side out, David Abraham wanted to execute as quickly as possible the due throw-in. But it should not come to that. He ran on Christian Streich, extended his shoulder and deliberately knocked the Freiburg coach to the ground. This resulted in a highly emotional, violent confrontation between the two teams. Vincenzo Grifo was caught by the video assistant grabbing Abraham’s face. He, too, flew off the pitch next to the Frankfurt captain. A few seconds after the excitement, the game was over. But nobody talked about SC Freiburg’s 1-0 victory anymore. Everything focused on the blackout of David Abraham. Eintracht tried after the final whistle not to move the incident too much into the center of the action. Christian Streich also did everything he could to keep the situation as it was.

Provocation of Streich?

However, all did not want to pillory Abraham as the sole culprit. As you could see, Christian Streich shouted something to the man from Frankfurt. Did he provoke Abraham verbally so that he let himself be carried away to the body check? After the red card, he took the sinner in his arms and immediately tried to calm the situation that had gone out of control. “Abraham is of course also an extremely emotional player. He runs me over the edge. But: Going down, football is a martial art. That was now in the wrong place. It was a hot game, go down, finish and don’t talk stupidly afterwards. It was just so charged. The fuses just blew because he wanted to win the game and it was very emotional. That’s all,” says Streich. The claim that he had provoked Abraham or deliberately stood in his way, however, he rejected decisively.

Months of lockout?

After a few hours had passed, both clubs did everything they could to minimize the damage. Photos were published of Abraham and Grifo holding hands. An official apology from Abraham was also heard. “I would like to formally apologize to Christian Streich. I wanted to get the ball back into play as quickly as possible in the last minute of injury time and should have avoided it. I’m very happy that we spoke after the match and that everything is good between us.” Despite those words, his outburst will result in a severe penalty. There has never been such an attack against a coach in the Bundesliga before. In addition, Abraham has often attracted negative attention. In the year 2019 it will not run in all probability any more. Six games ban seem to become the minimum. Whether he will remain the captain of harmony is still uncertain.