Tradeinvest90 Review


TradeInvest90 is a broker that has caused a stir in the recent past, especially with its broad portfolio. This enables trading with more than 1,000 underlyings and can therefore be described as more versatile than the average. However, as is well known, this alone is not proof of a really strong job. In this respect, in the following TradeInvest90 test we have taken a close look at all the important aspects of the portfolio and listed the results here.

In any case, it is important to bear in mind when choosing the right broker that there are also some providers in this sector who do not take the seriousness of the matter very seriously. Although the number has decreased in recent years, the problem still exists. All the more pleasing it is to be said that a TradeInvest90 fraud can be excluded and the offerer is examined by the responsible authorities of Great Britain.

Our experiences in the overview

Particularly outstanding is at first sight naturally the variety in the Portfolio. The broker makes the trade with binary options and also the Forex trade possible. A portfolio with more than 1,000 underlyings is made available, which can be described as enormously versatile at first glance. In addition, the broker enables trading directly in a web-based platform, so that no additional software has to be downloaded. In trading itself, traders can benefit from various options such as leverage or fixed spreads.

In general, the broker can be said to have a very convincing appearance. The trading platform and the website are clearly arranged so that all important areas can be accessed at any time without any problems. In addition, the platform works reliably and does not require excessive loading times. According to our experience with TradeInvest90, there are also plus points for the many payment options, the mobile app and the good work of customer support, which is available to traders 24 hours a day, six days a week.

TradeInvest90 Check: Fraud or not?

As mentioned above, TradeInvest90 is a reputable broker, where a rip-off can be completely ruled out. A TradeInvest90 fraud is made impossible for example by the work of the British authorities. As the company is from Great Britain, these authorities are responsible for the offer. It is well known that the UK authorities are not known for being particularly fun. In this context, the broker must adhere to numerous regulations and can therefore be described as completely secure.

In addition, every trader can rely on TradeInvest90 to protect his data. The provider uses SSL encryption from Comodo, which is used for all data transfers on the website. The access for criminals is made thereby as good as impossible and each Trader can enter completely calmed its personal information for example with the payments.

Overview over the offer of TradeInvest90

Trade can binary options and Forex with the broker. In both cases TradeInvest90 does without additional software and allows trading directly in the respective browser. The portfolio is rounded off by a mobile app, which we will discuss in more detail in our test report.

Binary options

Binary options trading allows brokers to choose from our TradeInvest90 experience in the major commodity, stock and index markets. In the area of commodities the broker presents with coffee, gold, silver, oil or copper well-known majors that can be found in any good portfolio. In the area of indices, for example, the broker presents the Dax30, Nasdaq, CAC 40 or Dow Jones. However, by far the greatest diversity can be found in equities. Here, for example, securities from Volkswagen, Microsoft, Intel, Ebay, Facebook, Netflix or Gazprom can be traded. For trading itself, the classic buy and sell options predominate. In terms of risk management, according to our test of TradeInvest90, the broker also provides stop-loss functions with which all open positions are closed immediately when a certain value is reached. Plus point for newcomers: In addition to trading itself, the Broker Trading Video provides prices and trading eBooks.


Forex trading is just as easy for the Broker to handle as trading binary options. There are numerous currency pairs available where GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/CAD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY,EUR/GBP,AUD/USD or NZD/USD can be mentioned as some of the most popular options. However, this is only a small part of the assets available for forex trading, as minor pairs such as EUR/NOK or USD/MXN can also be traded. Strong: The BTC/USD currency pair is also available for innovative traders. Experienced traders can also enjoy a leverage of up to 1:200. The broker trades with fixed spreads, commissions or other fees without having to fear them.

Bonus: No fixed bonus to have

A guaranteed TradeInvest90 bonus for new customers is not yet available to the broker. Of course this does not have to stay that way. If something should change here, we will naturally also examine the bonus offer under the magnifying glass. In addition it can be mentioned that again and again promotions for the traders are offered, so that existing users can profit in any case from different offers.

In Deposits and withdrawals

There are many different options available to traders to make deposits into their trading account with the broker. For example, it is possible to make deposits in the classic way by bank transfer or credit card. In addition, electronic payment options such as Skrill, Neteller, Astropay or Webmoney are also available. The provider can also secure a major plus point for the availability of the Paysafecard. No fees are charged for the deposits, which can also be described as a plus point. From the trader’s point of view, it is important to note the respective minimum amount for processing a deposit, which can, however, be viewed in the cashier area when logged in.

For payouts, TradeInvest90 generally provides the options that can also be used for a deposit to the trading account. Due to the money laundering regulations it is even the case that for the payouts exactly the option must always be used with which the traders have also deposited into their trading account. It is also important to note that each trader must verify himself with a copy of an official document. Also not quite as optimal is the payout fee, which is always 3.50 percent of the payout amount. This is an amount of at least 30 euros, a maximum of up to 3,500 euros can be due as a payout fee.

Security and regulation

TradeInvest90 is a reputable and reliable broker, the company proves in various ways. On the one hand, all possible fees and risks are handled transparently, which always speaks for a serious portfolio. For example, a risk warning can already be found on the start page, indicating the possible losses through trading. Apart from that, the broker can be convinced that the British authorities are responsible for regulating the offer. Every trader can therefore rely on extensive controls that can be used at any time to confirm that the broker is working safely.

As already mentioned, the broker also attaches enormous importance to the data of his traders. This means that SSL encryption is used and protects all sensitive information of the traders. Whenever they enter their personal data for payments or in forms, these are secured with SSL protection and cannot be viewed by third parties. So more security is almost impossible.

Customer support

Customer service at the broker is available for 24 hours on six days a week. Basically we can speak here of an almost complete support, which can be reached in several ways. One possibility is the e-mail address. In addition, a message can also be written directly on the website, which has an identical effect. In both cases, traders must be prepared for a waiting time of 24 hours. Apart from these two ways, the broker also provides a telephone hotline and a live chat. A German telephone number is not offered, nor are the employees available in the live chat in German. So there is still a little bit of catching up to do here, even if the competence cannot be dismissed anyway.

In our experience with TradeInvest90, the FAQ area can also be mentioned. Here the broker answers the most important questions about his portfolio and thus ensures that traders can get a first overview even without contacting customer support.

User friendliness at the broker

The homepage of TradeInvest90 is very clearly arranged, which can be described as a clear advantage. Traders can quickly orient themselves and switch between the different areas of the website with just a few clicks. Beyond that this good impression shows up also in the trade environment. In addition, there are some aids such as chart analyses or the like available, which can be used to optimize trading. Delays, crashes or the like are not known, which is why we can describe the overall user-friendliness as high. However, the fact that not all areas on the website have yet been completely translated into German is a bit of a pity.

Mobile App

The broker does not always have to deal with them on his home computer. The Broker also provides a mobile application and offers the “trading platform for the pocket”. The TradeInvest90 App is exactly three different versions. On the one hand, a web-based app is offered which can be used without downloading any software beforehand. Traders only have to call up the broker’s website and can then start trading here immediately. Users with an iOS or Android device can also download a download app for their end device. The download is completed within a few moments, and of course there are no costs for downloading the software either. In direct comparison to the desktop version, the offer for mobile trading can definitely keep up with the desktop version and can therefore be described as a real alternative.

Result: Diverse possibilities for trading

In our test of TradeInvest90, we discovered several arguments for entering trading with this broker. Thus an enormously broad portfolio is offered, which makes the choice possible from more than 1,000 underlyings. In addition, every trader can trade mobile and use a free app to do so. Not quite outstanding in comparison to other Forex brokers are the payout fees, but these can be found with almost every broker. In our TradeInvest90 experience, traders do not have to worry about seriousness and security in any case. Various protection mechanisms are in place, while at the same time the British authorities are watching over the portfolio. If you like a large selection, you should not miss this broker.