Profit from risk-free betting with the betfair Bonus Code 2019


The Betfair Bonus is a good reason to try the betting exchange. Unfortunately betting on lay and back from Germany is not possible. But Swiss and Austrian people still enjoy the counter bets. For German customers, on the other hand, only the traditional range of sports bets is available. But new customers profit from the exclusive 40% bonus up to 100 Euro.

However, we would like to inform you at the beginning also outside of the bonus offer. Because our Betfair experience has shown that there is a great cash-out function. The design in orange and black convinces immediately upon entering the site. The live bets have a calendar that serves as a preview function. Most importantly, Betfair enjoys the trust of over 4 million customers. On the one hand, this great trust is due to the various licenses, including those from Malta and the United Kingdom. But also the partnerships with FC Barcelona and FC Arsenal provide a confidence bonus in terms of registrations. In the following we have taken a closer look at the Betfair Bonus.

Betfair Bonus: After depositing 100 euros richer

At first glance, the Betfair Bonus sounds like standard merchandise. It gives 40% on deposits up to 100 Euro on top. This is how the bonus sounds with many other sports betting providers. But now it goes into detail. The bonus is divided into free bets, which can be earned individually in small bets. The first free bet is available after five 10 Euro bets have been placed. Already the playable credit is increased from 50 Euro to 70 Euro. You can now repeat this process four more times up to a maximum bonus of five 20 Euro free bets. Although the bonus may initially seem a little more demanding than that offered by Betway (shortlisted as the best sports betting provider) or Interwetten, Betfair has many providers with extremely fair conditions ahead of them.

Betfair Bonus at a glance:

  • Pay in 250 Euro, get another 100 Euro as a gift
  • Every amount between 10 and 100 Euro will be doubled with the first deposit
  • For the Betfair Bonus only deposits via credit card or Paypal
  • The Betfair Bonus Code is already entered during the registration process (but please pay attention, that the code “ZSSABO” is entered)

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The Betfair results in the Bonus Test

In our betting bonus comparison, the new customers offered by Betfair are sorted in the upper midfield. It is therefore not the best betting bonus, but has clear strengths. However, the amount of 40% to 100€ is “only” a normal amount. Many betting providers operate with this bonus. Therefore, attention must be paid to the finer points in order to establish comparability. If you would like to redeem the bonus for Betfair, take a look at the following Betfair Bonus Conditions.

First of all, reference is to be made here to the conversion. This is the number of runs that the capital must complete before it is paid out. Betfair requires its customers to earn the bonus. This is also fun, so you can earn the first free bet step by step with pleasant 10 Euro bets. Furthermore, a minimum odds is prescribed, which amounts to 1.50. For the free bets then earned even a minimum odds of 1.20. Extremely fair we felt the time frame. Because to play through the Betfair Bonus, a total of 30 days remain after use. For the individual bets, a relaxed seven days are scheduled. Nevertheless, in order to be able to keep to the total time window of 30 days, several single bets must be played at the same time.

Further bonus offers from Betfair in the check

We would like to take a quick look at further bonus offers. Because every week there is a combination offer available. Here you can bet on combinations of 4. The stake must be 25 Euro or more. It is important that the stake has been placed on a football bet. On the following Monday a 5 Euro free bet is available as a reward. In a sense, this is a Betfair bonus without a deposit. The special feature: the combination bet does not have to have a value of 25 euros. Two bets with a value of 12.50 Euro each are also sufficient to fulfil the conditions. Live bets are however prohibited. Regular promotions refer to specific games. The cup final 2017 between Frankfurt and Dortmund is a good example. Here there was a 5.00 as odds on the BVB. A Betfair Bonus Code had to be entered. Even though the stake was limited to 10 Euros and only new customers could participate, it was an extremely fair quota.

Bonus conditions:

  • name: 40% bonus – offer for new customers
  • Bonus type: Betfair deposit bonus
  • maximum bonus amount: 100 Euro
  • Disbursable: yes
  • Turnover requirement: 25 x 10 Euro bet (in steps of 5)
  • Minimum odds: 1.50
  • Betfair Bonus Code: Is pre-entered at registration (make sure that code: ZSSABO is entered)

Betfair Bonus: The bonus conditions explained in detail

First a few words about the Betfair Bonus Code. If you click on the button from the bonus to the registration, the code is available without question as a pre-entered field. In our test run the bonus code was “ZSSABO”. It is also important that you can only deposit by credit card or Paypal to receive the bonus. Then you have to play in steps of five 50 Euro each in single bets to earn your free bets of 100 Euro in total.

Now this amount should not be immediately available for payment again. After all, this is not a Betfair Bonus cash, but a promotion. Therefore rules are set. These Betfair bonus conditions include, for example, a minimum odds of 1.50. This must be taken into account for single bets. Combination bets are not to be used for the bonus. In the Betfair Bonus free play is still to ensure that the 25 free bets are actually played to receive the full bonus. The full balance from the Betfair coupon code for 2019 is affected.

To get to the Betfair payout, the bookmaker allows a large time window. Because the player has 30 days to convert the Betfair betting bonus with the minimum odds and 25 times into 10 Euro bets. With the right sports betting strategies and a little help from our betting tips, the way is paved. For example, it is possible to play the bonuses of different providers against each other. In addition, it is also worth a look at our betting provider comparison. Is a bonus offered without deposit? No, in a way it’s the only thing we’re missing.

How can the Betfair bonus be paid out?

In the meantime the bonus will surely be on your account. But it is still a long way to go until the payout. We would like to explain below how you can proceed. After all, Betfair has one advantage over most other providers: no betting tax! Because even after returning to the German market a Betfair tax is not part of the concept. So you can save 5% every time you place a bet. However, this should not exclude the obligatory odds comparison. But now to the tactics: We recommend single bets or small combined bets on favourites.

To be able to pay out the Betfair betting bonus, the minimum quota, the number of conversions and the time frame must be adhered to. Everything together is best done with individual bets. With a quota of 1.50 it is also sufficient if two out of three sports bets are correct. If the odds are even 2.10, then only every second tip has to be correct to conclude with a profit.

  • convert bets into equally sized pieces: Analyze the games for 25 times 10 Euro and only place bets if the chance exceeds the risk
  • Concentrate on single bets
  • Count the capital after the first slide and divide it again into equally sized pieces; continue like this until the payout

Single bets as a strategy for success with Betfair Bonus

Why do we recommend single bets with the betting provider Bonus? It is actually a basic recommendation. Because combination bets are intended for hobby players who rely more on luck than skill. Professionals try to work their way up slowly but steadily with single bets. Since we want to take a professional approach to the Betfair Bonus, single picks are the logical choice.

Wrongly redeemed? Avoid mistakes with the Betfair voucher

Everyone makes a mistake. But some mistakes are more annoying than others. If you don’t pay attention to the bonus program of a bookmaker, you might lose 100 Euros, which could have been dusted for free. To prevent this from happening to you, we have dealt with the most common sources of error in detail. In fact, there are some pitfalls that you’d better avoid.

  • Betfair Bonus Code: What is the Betfair Bonus Code? With us this is already pre-entered with the letter sequence “ZSSABO” during registration. However, you should pay attention to it when you first register. Because without a code there is no bonus! However, the bonus will not be credited after registration. For this a deposit is already necessary. Which brings us straight to the second source of error.
  • Deposit methods: Credit cards and Paypal are allowed for the bonus. While there are other deposit methods for the conventional deposit, these do not qualify for the bonus. The big advantage: Paypal is not only available, but also allows the activation of the bonus program. Only very few betting providers can use this payment method in combination with the bonus.
  • Minimum odds for combinations: The minimum quota is 1.50. So far most customers still read about the new customer bonus. Already fallen into the trap. Because if the total odds exceed 1.50, this bet does not count towards the bonus. If you activate your free bets with the Betfair voucher code, you must initiate at least one single event with odds 1.5f0 for combinations.

Bonus rating: Betfair betting bonus with lean rules

The Betfair Bonus is convincing. However, this is not due to the amount. Because with up to 100 euros, it can almost be described as standardised. Many betting providers offer this equivalent value, including Tipico and Interwetten. In order to ensure that the Betfair deposit payout is successful, i.e. the transfer including bonus and at best profit can be transferred back, the offer should be examined more closely. We have done so and found that the conditions for the transfer are very fair. Here lies the great strength of the bookmaker and the advantage for the player.

Due to the fact that the bonus requirements can be fulfilled in pleasant 10 Euro steps. With a minimum odds of 1.50 you can place nice fast bets and so the first free bet after only 50 Euro stake is already earned. It’s also great that you can do it four more times. In addition, there is the generous time frame of 30 days, which is available for free spins.  Also the minimum odds of 1.20 on the free bets then given is more than fair.  With the combination bonus, free bets by combinations and regular odds highlights, the betting provider Bonus is also broadly based. We award 78 points for this offer. It would have been more if Betfair had further increased the free capital.

8/10 points

The Betfair Bonus in practice

In our Betfair test we went through the entire bonus procedure and were able to pay out successfully in the end. The first step is the registration, where the bonus code “ZSSABO” is entered. Then we go through our account to the section deposits. It is important to choose either a credit card or Paypal. Other payment methods do not activate the bonus. We chose Paypal and had the money on our account a short time later.


More than just bonus: Betfair strengths beyond the betting bonus

The offer of Betfair, in terms of the bonus, is extremely attractive. However, the provider has more to offer than just the bonus. For example, mobile gaming on devices with iOS or Android is possible thanks to the Betfair app. The design is also an eye-catcher, and not only in the mini-application. The design of the homepage in black and orange gives a very valuable impression. Furthermore, the selection of live bets is nicely sorted. A calendar function refers to the upcoming events and gives a great overview.

The cash-out function is also worth mentioning. Here it is possible to have the winnings paid out early. However, this feature does not qualify for the bonus. We have to write a very thick exclamation mark behind the aspect of security. Betfair is licensed in many countries. Among them are the United Kingdom and Malta. Betfair is also the official betting partner of FC Barcelona and Arsenal FC. These major football clubs examine their partnerships very carefully. Moreover, over 4 million customers cannot be wrong. Betfair is an old hand in the business and has developed continuously over the past years. The new start in Germany is a step to regain a foothold here. Anyone who still knows the betting provider from the past will certainly not shy away from registering. All others should at least have a look around.